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M-Commerce map

M-Commerce map

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Programmer Competency Matrix

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"At the end of the day, we really want a hybrid of the new and old approaches: we want to serve fully-formed HTML from the server for performance and SEO, but we want the speed and flexibility of client-side application logic. To this end, we’ve been experimenting at Airbnb with “Isomorphic JavaScript” apps, which are JavaScript applications that can run both on the client-side and the server-side."

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The Photoshop file format is over 23 years old, yet it remains one of the most opaque file formats out there. PSDs are very widely used, yet Adobe has never produced an easy way for developers to work with the format. Indeed, some developers have gone mad trying to parse PSDs. We know the…

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Google won search by providing the best organic results users had ever seen. Ever since then, organic has been fading from the SERPS, losing ground to revenue generating Google products.


That’s the amount of real estate given to true organic results in a search for “auto mechanic” when…

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I really like the way swimlane diagrams help to see how various roles relate to one another in a workflow in enterprise software.

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This issue occurs when hovering on elements with certain css3 transform properties on the hover state.

To prevent the infamous black flash in Chrome and white flash in Safari, you need to set any element you plan on transforming in the future (like on :hover) in 3d space from the start.


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